“A wonderful day”

"I visited Valparaiso in June with my family, Cristian was a perfect guide, we felt as meeting an old friend not just a guide ! He is full of informations and love for his town, his service was perfect (thanks also to his wife). My son was happy with sea lions ! Grazie e arrivederci" Carmelo, Savitri e Attilio from ITALY

Steven Martindale, Beaverton, Oregon, USA

"Great Valparaiso Introductory Tour We did the tips based walking tour with Valparaisomania on Saturday at 16:00 with Cristian. This is a great tour to get acquainted with Valparaiso, start to get comfortable with navigating the streets, and to see some of the major highlights of the city. Cristian is very friendly and easy to talk to. He recommended several good restaurants to try while we were in Valparaiso. You can't go wrong with this tour. Regards," Steven Martindale Beaverton, Oregon, ...

This is what’s required to be a Tourists Guide in Valparaíso, Chile

This is what’s required to be a Tourists Guide in Valparaíso, Chile A tourist could be standing in front of a 18th-century chapel, which has miraculous stained glass windows. The architecture could be so much incredible. However, if you do not understand the significant, history or the purpose of the building, you will be missing much on your tour. This is the reason why people prefer working with a competent Valparaisomania.com tour guide. In reality, a guide performs a lot of tasks in th...

Valparaiso, graffitis in portuguese

The most interesting thing of Valparaiso is that the city itself is, by accident, a museum. Thanks to the combination of a picturesque architecture, hills, staircases and street art that turn it into a maze. There are so many graffiti here that every walk in the street is a new amazing discovery. So we decided to make a special publication just to showcase the work we love. If you ever come to Valparaiso and love street art, you’ve got to know that Cerro Alegre, Cerro Concepción, Cerro Bellavist...