Cassa Seis is a hidden gem in Valparaiso

The best of Valparaiso is that far from being a traditional town with a standard tourism industry. Accommodations like Cassa Seis are small hidden gems in the city.

Fabrizio, Thanks for the note, team thanks you for your love and contribution to tourism in this city and wish you success .

Cassa Seis is a space designed to welcome visitors, his style is most similar to a cottage in the city, since it has the basics to enjoy it. The details you have, make it a unique and differentiated place. Cassa not intended to be an icon of modernity, but give the warmth and comfort of home.

Here are three pieces and a bed in each; two of one and a half and the other for two. Plus an inflatable double mattress in case one of the visitors would like to use. In the center of Cassa we find a dining area which is the heart, with a great inn that will provide space for eating and working. At the top is a small piece in the attic that will host moments of meditation and reading, resting and abstraction.

Cassa is a good start to begin to enjoy and discover the simple and spontaneous reality of the city, Valparaiso appreciating one that is very close to her and far at the same time as the windows provide a visual of the city with which awakening It will always be a pleasure. Every detail of Cassa is made with love, so we expect to be treated equally, and that all of them will stay in your company.

Cassa is located in the foothills Bellavista and steps from the Plaza Victoria, a place that is the center of the city of Valparaiso, we will find rich places to delight the palate as it is not only the historical heritage town but all those little places that have given life to a gastronomic imagination that has emerged from this great mix of cultures living in Valparaiso, including highlight the enjoy a rich cake, a light sandwich or a good game of table soccer, among others.

All these references that are part of the experience we’ve had in this city will be part of a small compendium of data that are available to the visitor in Cassa, and where you will find unmissable places to visit, restaurants to eat delicious and special places to go to observe the beautiful place where they have arrived.

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