Valparaíso’s Museums

Let’s take a look at the various museums that Valparaiso has.

“La Sebastiana” is one of the three houses of the Chilean poet, Nobel Prize for Literature, Pablo Neruda. A building of great architectural value, that holds the fondest memories of his travels around the world and his particular style of ornamentation.

Located in “Cerro Concepcion”, steps away from “Gervasoni” viewpoint we find The House of Lukas, a museum that exhibits the life and work of one of the greatest national songwriter and artist of the twentieth century, Renzo Pecchenino, aka “Lukas”.

Another place you cannot miss if you are passing through the city is the “Museo Cielo Abierto” (Open Air Museum). A collection of outdoor murals painted on close and endless staircases at “Cerro Bellavista”.

In “Cerro Artilleria”, you can visit the National Maritime Museum. A great mansion, a testimony of naval and maritime heritage, shows remembrance to our heroes in its various rooms. Heroes such as: Bernardo O’Higgins, Admiral Cochrane, Admiral Blanco Encalada; Diego Portales and the “Cripta al Loor de Chile”.

You can also visit the Baburizza Museum of Fine Arts, an imposing castle exhibiting a valuable Chilean and European art gallery of the nineteenth and twentieth century.